January 14, 2015

A word from the Director

Dear Friends,
Welcome to our spring season! Our offerings are rich in variety and beauty, and I hope that you will join us for as many events as you are able.
It has been a delight and honor to begin as your new Director. Now, with my feet a little wet, I look forward to an exciting time ahead. I’ve also been so glad to meet and talk with many new friends, and hope you will continue coming by to say hi.

Thank you for the warm welcome – and here’s to a Spring of Bach!

Warm regards,
Rick Erickson
Director, Bach Society Houston

September 12, 2014

New BSH Director, Rick Erickson, featured in Houston Chronicle

"Rick Erickson lived amid Manhattan's skyscrapers for 22 years, yet the Bach Society Houston's new director marvels at what he sees towering above him in his adopted city..."

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August 05, 2014

Bach Society Welcomes Rick Erickson, New Director

Welcome to Bach Society Houston! I am honored to be the new Director, following in the path of my outstanding predecessors in celebrating the amazing music of JS Bach! I have been so fortunate to have spent such a large portion of my life with Bach, and I look forward now to the exciting challenges and opportunities ahead here in Houston. Please take a moment to introduce yourself during this season – I look forward to meeting and talking with you!

The coming season promises to be a rich one indeed, complete with cantatas, St. Matthew Passion, chamber and organ music, lectures, a bit of Purcell and more! Please join us in the acoustical and visual beauty of Christ the King Lutheran Church as we sing and play the great music of Johann Sebastian. Thank you for your support of Bach Society Houston. Together, we will continue to build on the great tradition we have been given.